Post By: Bear Johnson

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

After an unfortunate event between my 04 ST and a deer, I was on the lookout for a newer car. The stars aligned and I was able to grab my dream car. Bullitt is one of the first movies I remember from back in the day (Saturday afternoon movie blocks), and the movie continues to impact my life. I requested a non-magnaride one and got exactly what I wanted. I immediately set out upgrading frame and suspension components to fit my backroad needs, and, unrealized, HPDE goals. I started with Steeda suspension and then updated to fortune auto for the auto dampener controller... Yes, at this point, I realize magnaride would have saved me some cash, but one bad sensor down the line would have put me back $$. This is not to say that everything has went well. Ford's electronic system (sync and whatnot) causes headaches, I now have two sets of suspension gathering dust in storage, and Texas rocks have not been forgiving. That being said, nothing puts a smile on my face like a backroad cruise through the country. Covid put me back a bit, and even impacted my posting on forums... but I am looking to continue the build by updating the coil-overs for a softer rate (our roads have gotten a bit worse and I will not see a track day any time soon). Forced induction is a long term plan, but the NA power already puts a smile on my face. My build seeks control first and power second... You can only go as fast as traction will let you, and this is my daily... Quick shout out to Mr. Neil and Mr. Rodney - lead engineers at my local dealership that did all of the installs (save the wheels and tires). Also shoutout to Gels, Dakota, and Alex for producing educational content covering coil overs and fitment.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Replaced the Paper Air Filter with Air Raid - I have several and change them out when the oil is changed.
  • Suspension: Steeda Mustang Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar With Endlinks
  • Suspension: Steeda S550 Mustang Bumpsteer Kit
  • Suspension: Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links with Polyurethane Bushings
  • Suspension: Steeda S550 Mustang Full-Length, Ultra-Lite, and Low-Profile Chassis Jacking Rails
  • Suspension: Steeda S550 Mustang Extreme G-Trac K-Member Brace
  • Suspension: Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Rear Shock Mount
  • Suspension: Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Rear Toe Links
  • Suspension: Front - Fortune Auto 510 coilovers / Swift Springs (10k)
  • Suspension: Rear - Fortune Auto 510 coil-overs / Steeda Ultimate Handling - Dual Rate Springs (9k to 12k) [had to run the STEEDA springs as the fortune auto springs had me sagging a bit much]
  • Suspension: Fortune Auto Remote Damper Controller
  • Wheels: Square - SVE R350 Bronze 19" x 10" +35mm 6.88" BS
  • Tires: Nitto NT555 G2 285/35ZR19 (Not as grippy as pilot sports, but have lasted 6x as long)
  • Performance: Steeda S550 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote 304 Stainless Resonator Delete H-Pipe
  • Performance: Ford Performance 5.0L Coyote Air Oil Separator Right Hand Mustang GT - Empty every oil change (or after a month of spirited driving)
  • Performance: MUSTANG SCOTT DRAKE WICKER BILL SPOILER - Keeps the back end planted on the interstate
  • Wheels:

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Front - Fortune Auto 510 coil-overs / Swift Springs (8k) - I will have the older ones refreshed for track use (if that should ever happen)
  • Suspension: Rear - Fortune Auto 510 coil-overs / Swift Springs (10k) - I will have the older ones refreshed for track use (if that should ever happen)
  • Performance: Whipple BULLITT SC SYSTEM STAGE 1 with Green finish and oversized heat exchanger (it gets hot down here)
  • Performance: Updated Getrage with improved ratios (because Tremecs are never in stock).