00 Corvette

Post By: Shannon Yankowski

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

This Corvette was/is my first project car and first car I ever have really called my own 100%. I purchased it back in 2020 right before moving to my first house that had a garage after wanting to take on a project of some sort for an eternity. At the time my daily was a Prius and I barely knew anything about working on cars or even how to drive manual. After a lot of searching and dealing with terrible sellers I landed on this 180,000 mile corvette that despite its obvious flaws was right in my budget at 8k and the seller was very easy to work with which was a relief after dealing with well corvette owners. The day I picked up the car my girlfriend helped me get it over to a nearby parking lot where she helped me learn how to drive manual that night after hours of frustration and working on technique and dealing with what I learned was a clutch in pretty bad shape it finally clicked and in a moment of excitement after parking the car my girlfriend and I looked over at each other and simultaneously said "I love you" to each other for the first time then shared a kiss. This car has become so important to me after that moment and every frustration and challenge I've had with it has felt worth it to me as this car is deeply sentimental to me because of that moment and I never want to sell it. Since then I have rebuilt the blown out suspension and the transmission along with several other mods and fixes along the way with much more planned for the future <3

Current Setup

  • Suspension: LGM GT2 Coilovers, LGM G1 Swaybars, LGM Bump Steer Kit, LGM Rear Bumpsteer kit, HPI Rear Diff Mount, Upper A-arm Studs, PFADT Poly Bushings
  • Wheels: MRR M755 (C7 ZR1 Reps hoping to change out in the future) 18x9.5+50 in front 19x11+55 in the rear
  • Tires: Michelin PS3 A/S 275/35ZR18 325/30ZR19
  • Interior: Corbeau Evo X seats, MGW short throw shifter, Red LED interior lights, Double din dash swap with Kenwood DMX4707
  • Performance: 3.90 Final Drive, Monster LT1-S Twin disc clutch and lightweight flywheel, Fast 92 intake manifold, LS2 Throttlebody, Borla S-type Catback exhaust, Mystery Ram intake the previous owner put on
  • Performance: Texas speed 228r 112lsa cam
  • Performance: LG Super Pro headers 1-7/8"


Shannon Yankowski