The superior S chassis

Post By: Tanner Emery

Date: 06/06/2023

The Story

This vehicle started its life off the same as any mustang, abused from the second it left the showroom floor. By the time it got around to me it was clear that its life hadn’t been hard enough so I decided to change that🗿. I decided racing cars just wasn’t enough for me and I wanted to participate in a sport where you can be all out with your foot in the floor and horns out the door 🤟 in the lords chariot, the ford mustang🇺🇸. With a ghetto homemade angle kit, eBay hydraulic handbrake, welded diff, and a dream I was able to go out and grenade the stock 2v 4.6L within two months of ownership👍. But this cars journey did not stop there. Oh no. I figured if I was going to have something I can have fun with, I was going to build something unique to my personal liking and style and bring everything I know from oval track into drifting. I have changed everything about this car. With no engine and a dream I decided the responsible thing to do would be to find the largest motor I can fit in between the strut tower and stuff that thing in there and go drifting. Long story short, I was able to Frankenstein and engine together using a Ford engine and all Ford parts to build what is basically a 96 to 98 cobra engine. I wanted NASCAR noises, Forklift steering angle, and enough torque to turn the earths rotation the opposite direction when I hit the throttle and slowly but surely I’ve gotten just that😎. On a real note I took a complete pile that I learned to drift in and committed myself to turning it into something I can be proud of. This is a journey that has taught me countless lessons about building a dedicated drift car, and I did a lot of things I had never done before from fab to wiring and everything in between. The project is not complete and I’ve been doing this on a budget with my own money and making what I had available to me work and I’m actually starting to become very happy with the results. The engine actually came out of a Lincoln and I used every last cobra part that I could get my hands on and adapted it to that engine so that I could have an aluminum block dual overhead cam 4.6 L V8 on a budget. I did everything I can to squeeze as much power in a out of this engine, and it actually put down better numbers on the Dyno than I was expecting. Most of the fab work on this car is completely custom in regards to fuel cell mounting and fuel line, routing, and a few other things, including the exhaust so I can talk about this thing all day, but if you want to keep up with the builder or have any questions, please feel free to look at my Instagram and hit me up any time on there. I'm trying to create the best. SN95 chassis I can and I’m confident this car will take me a long way. The build still has a long way to go. However, I will post some pictures of where it started after it blew up and where it is now drifting again as my seat time car. to be honest this car has a lot done to it and I will probably forget all of the mods but I will put the basics in the mod list.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: FR500 wheels
  • Suspension: BC Coilovers
  • Suspension: FDF Fab mega mantis kit
  • Performance: 4.6L DOHC cobra swap
  • Performance: Long tube headers to full 3” exhaust with race “mufflers”
  • Performance: Holley terminator engine management system
  • Performance: Fuel safe 8 gallon fuel cell relocated and mounted in spare tire well.
  • Interior: Corbeau RRS seats
  • Interior: Status racing harness
  • Interior: Custom 1.5” half cage with door bars.
  • Interior: Grip royal steering wheel
  • Tires: All of them lol