The Vivid Racing Nissan Z

Post By: Shane Maguire

Date: 10/16/2023

The Story

This is the Vivid Racing 2023 Nissan Z performance package. This was a car that our marketing team bought to test new prototypes and R&D parts for ourselves and for other companies like HKS, Armytrix, AWE, AMS and more! We had so much fun with this car. We took it to downtown Phoenix, we took it out to the desert, we did donuts, and overall we have had an absolute blast. We love this car but we're sad that there isn't much out there for it. Unfortunately, Nissan didn't do the best job with the price point on it, so it can be hard to justify this purchase for the majority of people. But regardless of that, it has blow our expectations out of the water, and we couldn't be more pleased with how our OEM+ build has turned out! Follow us on YouTube and Instagram @Vividracing to see more content on the Z!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: VR Forged D03-R-MS
  • Suspension: HKS Hiper Max R coilovers
  • Performance: AMS Intakes and Heat Exchanger
  • Performance: (Currently Running AWE Track Exhaust with Armytrix Downpipes) Have installed and tested: Apexi Exhaust, VR Performance Exhaust, Armytrix Exhaust and Armytrix Downpipes, AWE Touring edition exhaust, AWE Track edition exhaust.
  • Exterior: VR Areo Kit: WIng, Rear Diffuser, Canards, Side Skirts, Front Lip
  • Exterior: Vivid Racing Sticker for extra Horsepower


Shane Maguire