Toyota Supra turbo

Post By: Kyle Brown

Date: 04/17/2023

The Story

Oh boy well I’ve had a lot of cars. But my goal was always to own a white 040 MK4 supra turbo 6spd and this is that car. I guess I should start with how I ended up with it after selling my last supra I decided I wanted to buy an R34 found an awesome one that was a GTT fully converted to Gtr minus the transmission picked it up put about 10 grand into it. Drove it around and enjoyed it shortly after I got it running I received a cash offer that I could not turn it down so I sold it and then purchased a launch edition MK5 supra after about two weeks, I realize that this thing was automatic boring, and definitely not my speed. So I started hunting for another MK4 ended up finding this at Brooklyn Auto sales. Adam, the owner was a breeze to work with ended up picking it up and then the crazies started lol I told myself all I was going to do was coil, overs, wheels, tires, and exhaust it already had a single turbo and an standalone. But if anybody who’s reading this realizes the rabbit hole, I was about to go down you know where I was at drop the car off to my trusted shop MT fabrication, and before I realized what I was doing I had already dropped 10 grand wiring specialties Haltech elite 2500 Ecu 1760 cc injectors, billet tensioner Haltech coil on plug set. Among other things. I really liked how the car drove but I wanted to get more power and the 6262 that came on the car was not going to cut it so back in the shop she went a month later brand new PHRS3 manifold, twin tile MVR 44 mm waste gates brand new precision, 6870 turbo one piece, driveshaft shop, driveshaft, brand, new brakes, all the way around Haltech ic7 display and radium triple pump hanger with three hellcat 500 pumps Dash 10 lines – eight return. Turn the boost to about 30 pounds and now we were cooking went out couple nights had a lot of fun got beat by a couple of people and realized I need more power, so I went back to MT and we turn the boost up to 35 pounds on a stock bottom end with 100,000 miles. Needless to say my rod said no bent 4 rods out having some fun. So the current state of my car is it Mt fabrication awaiting It’s new motor. Should be done some time next month is what I’m told. Decided since it was down time to update a lot of parts went with a pro mod hypertune intake, manifold. Billet valve covers GSC 2 cams. Titanium valves, bronze guides, shimmless buckets. Ported and decked head the bottom and I’m still trying to decide what to do.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Ccw classic bead locks 18x10 17x11.5
  • Wheels: