Veloster Turbo 6MT Tech “Major”

Post By: Justin Cook

Date: 07/27/2023

The Story

This girl is just about the first car I've owned in my life that wasn't older than me, or nearly so, and that's over about 30 years of owning and modifying vehicles. She's a pretty little thing, and super fun to drive especially after some of the mods I've done; she's quick if not exactly fast - as I tend to say, "quick enough to be fun, not fast enough to be super likely to put me in jail". These cars catch a lot of flack both for their quirky asymmetrical design, which is one of the things I actually love, and their reliability issues over the years - but to be fair, a lot of the owners don't help their case. Personally I take maintenance as a religion, and study known issues so that I can address them preemptively, and that's saved me from having any significant problems with the car whatsoever over the past 4 years of owning her. Bought from Carvana at the start of the pandemic, fortunately before prices shot up, and immediately corrected a bunch of things that Carvana had claimed to have done but didn't, like basic fluid changes and all that, then started the modifications and just haven't ever stopped! My main focus in mods has been a mix of practical handling mods, driver comfort/experience, and aesthetics - I try to keep that balance going. Not going for major power since there's simply no need and these little 1.6t blocks can't take much added power without affecting reliability. But she's my daily, my project, and my weekend warrior rolled into one, and I love this car more with every passing day and with every little adjustment I make!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: König Hypergram 18x8.5 et45 in Carbon Metallic w/machined lip + Raceseng TNR-1 forged titanium lug nuts (glass bead-blasted finish) + ThunderBolt Japan forged titanium valve stem caps
  • Tires: BFGoodrich g-Force Comp2 A/S Plus 235/40ZR18 XL
  • Suspension: EBC slotted & dimpled sport rotors + EBC Yellowstuff pads all 4 corners
  • Suspension: Sachs Sport-Tuned Black Package front struts + SPC camber bolts + H&R 28902-2 mild lowering springs + Cusco adjustable end links
  • Suspension: Koni Sport Yellow adjustable rear shocks + H&R 28902-2 mild lowering springs
  • Suspension: Uniq Performance one-piece polished strut brace + rigid subframe collars
  • Suspension: Pierce Motorsports front tubular crash bar + rear tubular crash bar + front 2-point subframe brace + mid 4-point x-brace + rear torsion bar
  • Suspension: Luxon upper hatch 4-point x-brace
  • Performance: AEM SRI + VelossaTech LitKit intake snorkel
  • Performance: Borla Touring T304 Stainless catback exhaust + Torque Solutions poly hangers + dual 4.5" carbon fiber-clad stainless tips
  • Performance: Qwik Tyme Performance 2" hotpipe + 64mm TB upgrade + TB coolant bypass
  • Performance: HKS M45XL racing plugs
  • Performance: Megan Racing short-throw shifter + solid shifter base bushings + solid shifter cable end bushings
  • Exterior: Custom-built KDM-spec headlight assemblies w/ Morimoto XB35 HID projector retrofit, 5500K HID low beam lamps, LasFit LED high beams & signals, black painted internals
  • Exterior: Carbon fiber front lip/splitter, headlight eyelids, fog lamp bezels, rear reflector bezels, side skirt inserts, mirror caps, and Sequence spoiler
  • Exterior: 20% Black Pearl ceramic tint
  • Interior: SoCal GarageWorks custom carbon fiber and perforated leather steering wheel with blue stitching and blue center stripe + full carbon interior door handle OEM replacements
  • Interior: SoCal GarageWorks custom carbon fiber fuse box lid, engine cover, and washer fluid cap
  • Interior: Dress Up Bolts Stage 2 polished titanium engine bay hardware, JDC titanium AC high & low valve caps, Boomba Racing polished brake/clutch and coolant reservoir caps, SuperStik polished oil dipstick
  • Interior: Mishimoto polished PCV-side OCC and hoses, oil filler cap, and carbon fiber 1.3bar radiator cap
  • Interior: Custom black Bride shift boot + custom leather-wrapped weighted blue-stitched 98 MR2 OEM replica shift knob by MR2Heaven
  • Interior: Custom DiamondCarMats full-coverage floor mats + Shark Racing brushed aluminum heelplate & dead pedal plate
  • Interior: Infinity door speaker upgrade w/Reference front and centers, Kappa rears, and Pioneer sub in OEM locations
  • Interior: Opt7 Aura footwell lighting
  • Interior: Hardwired Uniden BearTracker 885 police/ems/fire/dot/wx scanner + CB
  • Interior: Hardwired Radenso DS-1 radar/laser detector on Blendmount


Justin Cook

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