Vim and Vigor (1992 Acura Vigor)

Post By: Remina Thompson

Date: 05/12/2024

The Story

1992 Acura Vigor. Never heard of it? Don't worry, not many others have either. This was a car sold between the years 1992-1994 to go along with the second gen Acura Legend and second gen Integra. The car didn't last long however and was replaced by the TL. The reason why I wanted and eventually bought this car was because of its engine. 2.5L inline 5, with a 5 speed manual from factory. I bought it back in June in 2023 for $1000. Previous owners father imported this car, I think from Canada because the cluster is in Kilometers. Piloting a five cylinder Honda with a manual is nothing short of intoxicating. I have crazy plans for this car, like eventually taking it to the track, but for now I want to try and clean her up as best as I can. The car had been sitting in storage for 10 years before I got it and getting parts for this thing can be challenging. Regardless, I hope you enjoy looking at this really interesting vehicle.

Current Setup

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Literally all the suspension needs replacing
  • Exterior: Body needs a lot of TLC
  • Performance: Stop it from dying on the road


Remina Thompson

I'm a car enthusiast from Southern California. I have an obsession with the Acura Vigor. That's all