Viper 240sx

Post By: Cory Jeter

Date: 01/28/2024

The Story

So, I got this empty shell for trading out some plumbing work. Originally I was gonna be the average guy and just throw a 5.3 LS in it like everyone else, but then this viper 8.0L swap came up on marketplace for a scam of a price and turns out it wasn't a scam... So, no I'm building the worlds first ever viper swapped 240sx and plan on this car being just a riot. Long term goals are to drag race and drift this car for fun. Short term is to get it running and then slowly bring the car up to a nice looking thing.

Current Setup

  • Performance: 8.0L V10
  • Interior: Full roll cage from cagekits.org


Cory Jeter

I've got a few vehicles I am currently enjoying working on. I do a lot of track events almost one a month. Mostly grip/time attack events and a little drifting and drag racing mixed in.