Volvo c30R

Post By: ben barker

Date: 06/23/2023

The Story

This was the first car I bought. It has been crashed a couple times and it currently has a hood and fenders that are different colors. In 2019 I swapped in a auto trans and rear subframe from a crashed v50 awd but I forgot one of the driveshaft supports so the car is still fwd. it just needs that support so the driveshaft can go in and then some wiring so that the haldex unit knows when to activate the rear wheels. The seats in the car were garbage so I custom mounted some seats from a volvo 850 which are much comfier. The car has a full exhaust and a intake and rev9 coilovers. The car currently has some Niche wheels but has had tons of different wheels on it. Future plans include a manual swap when the auto trans blows up, a intercooler upgrade, a pumaspeed hybrid k04 turbo, and a respray in Lazer blue from a 2000 V70R.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: niche
  • Suspension: rev9 coilovers
  • Performance: elevate exhaust turbo back
  • Performance: k&n intake system, typhoon
  • Interior: volvo 850 seats