Post By: Hids Yo

Date: 12/11/2023

The Story

Finally got my dream car in 2020 Christmas! Always loved evos but the wife didn’t want an older looking car. But she still learned how to drive stick just for me so can’t complain. Now we fight over who gets to drive cos this thing is so dam fun. Type RA-R is a limited edition with only 500 of them produced. A hardcore version of the S208; same balanced engine as the S208 but lighter components. A blast to drive and since covid I do the daily commute in it also. Big plans in future include 2.2/2.5 stroker, maybe twin charging etc etc. :)

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Rays TE37 Saga S-plus
  • Interior: Recaro SG
  • Performance: HKS super fire racing plugs #8
  • Performance: High Spark Ignition Coils -Japan
  • Exterior: STI Carbon Rear Wing
  • Exterior: STI performance package


Hids Yo

Much love from Japan!