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In 2010 I bought my first car and immediately tried to modify it. The #1 place I, along with almost every other car enthusiast would end up to ensure that we bought the right stuff were forums. Do you remember those days? Scouring around 29 pages to find the right wheel diameter and offset, or figuring out exactly the width needed for the TE37’s you were looking at for PERFECT fitment? It was a great, painful time to be alive as a car enthusiast.

Over the past 5 years, we have tried to solve that problem. Through the build-out of various pages, aftermarket wheel galleries, Youtube channels that you may have seen us on before, and more, our goal has always been to help educate and inspire enthusiasts to build cars in the way they wanted. But we still weren’t there.

While we were limited in what we could change, we were even further limited in what we could say. Companies and suppliers were too close to each other; often manipulating opinions and facts for the benefit of sales. Too often brands tried to highlight flashy marketing gimmicks and hide the truth that their products were just, not good.

So we decided to Launch MartiniWorks.

We built MartiniWorks to genuinely help car guys and gals build their vehicles. Through authentic content creation that aims to keep things real, fair and transparent for you along with a revolutionary way to learn about people’s Build Forums, MartiniWorks is built to become the home for all types of motorsport enthusiasts to learn and build.

The World's Most Accurate Aftermarket Vehicle Gallery / The Build Threads

Through a process that takes less than 5 minutes, you can add your car build story to our website, share blogs that you may have written along with videos you may have made during your dream to become an automotive Youtuber. Your build thread will then be shared in our gallery of builds that feature all the specs and information you would need to buy the right part, the first time.

From there, we showcase your build. Social promotion, community polls, video ratings and so much more are possible once you add your vehicle. The audience can vote on your build, provide feedback on your story and share your socials with their audience!

Automotive Content That Educates, Inspires and Can’t Be Bought

We know our shit, but there are things entering the industry that we have zero idea about. Our promise to you is that we will create videos around products that are fair, open, and unbiased so that you can make educated decisions on your next part purchase. Our podcast, shorts, and Youtube videos are all aimed to make people laugh and learn, so if there’s something you think we’re missing, let us know on Discord! We’d love to hear from you and we’ll get it added to our post-it notes of filming ideas & website updates.

We aim to be us and share our experience with you. By building a community of genuinely passionate automotive enthusiasts, our goal is to keep the dream of building cars alive for years to come.

Thank you for making it this far,
Alex Martinez
IG: Alex.Martini__

Mission Statement

To support motorsport enthusiasts and their vehicles across the globe through the easiest consumer-centric platforms known to man.

Core Values

We will care about the work we do because it’s the right work to do.
Our decisions will always be based on doing the right thing.
Honesty always, both to our audience and who we are.
We won’t give up on our passions and goals.
We will always treat each other like our middle school best friends.
We will leave a legacy in this industry that inspires others.
We will always foster new and exciting ideas.
We will celebrate our successes and embrace our failures.

The Martiniworks Team

Why on earth did we start over again? Good question, learn about it below.
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