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We’re a small team, but that doesn’t mean we’re sending our support overseas. Instead, all emails and support come straight from us, right here in Wisconsin. Shoot us an email on product inquiries, post-purchase questions, or price matching eligibility.

PS. Since it’s just a few of us, please take a peek at our FAQ page before emailing us as it helps us out a TON! We promise there’s good information over there.

Price Match Guarantee

Hell yeah, we price match. Odds are our prices are even better than the competition selling wheel & tire packages, engine components, or suspension parts. Why? Because we price our products to make sense for us and you. We aim to not squeeze every penny out of a sale because you’re going to need that for your next set of tires at the drift day. Should you find a better price elsewhere on a reputable site, we’ll match it. It’s that easy.

PS. If you’re shopping and want to see what price we can offer on something, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to chat!

Mission Statement

To support motorsport enthusiasts and their vehicles across the globe through the easiest consumer-centric platforms known to man.

Core Values

We will care about the work we do because it’s the right work to do.-
Our decisions will always be based on doing the right thing-
Honesty always, both to our audience and who we are. -
We won’t give up on our passions and goals.-
We will always treat each other like our middle school best friends.-
We will leave a legacy in this industry that inspires others.-
We will always foster new and exciting ideas. -
We will celebrate our successes and embrace our failures.-
MartiniWorks is the home to the world’s most accurate aftermarket vehicle gallery called “The Build Threads.” Alex and the team aim to create automotive content that educates, inspires and can’t be bought.
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