2023 Nissan Z Aftermarket Exhaust Install | Frequency Intelligent Exhaust (Fi Exhaust Install Review)

2023 Nissan Z | Can you Mod it Yet?

The 2023 Nissan Z was released on September 15th, 2022, and has been the most talked about, yet not shown sports car of the year. Praised by car enthusiasts for its powerful 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 400 horsepower, it’s also ridiculed because only 7 people could get their hands on it for a price that made sense. Dealerships marked these cars up $40,000 which left the car feeling unobtainable and unrealistic. Though not at the fault of Nissan, it’s made it tough to love this car. Which is why when we bought it from Bergstrom Automotive out of Appleton AT MSRP, we were stoked to find out we wouldn’t be dealing with a markup.

One key aspect of the Nissan Z’s appeal is its connection to the aftermarket automotive industry. The Z has a long history of being a beloved platform for aftermarket modifications, with a wide range of options for customization and enhancement. The release of the 2023 model has sparked anticipation among aftermarket enthusiasts eager to see what aftermarket parts and modifications will be available for the new Z. So while the offering was super limited, we decided to jump head first into this car with you to see if it’s actually any good.

AlexMartini, a prominent figure in the aftermarket automotive community, was one of the first in the Midwest to acquire a striking Ikazuchi yellow Nissan Z. With his expertise and passion for aftermarket modifications, it’s likely that he will be at the forefront of showcasing the potential of the new Z for customization and aftermarket enhancement. (wrote this for Google, everyone CHILL)

So here we are, modifying a 2023 Nissan Z Performance trim because we can and because we should. The best place to start? Well, where it sucks.

Problems with Nissan Z

The 2023 Nissan Z has been reported to have a lack of exhaust note, which has been a source of frustration for drivers and car enthusiasts. This is due to the new header system implemented by Nissan, which aims to make the new Nissan Z more focused on luxury than performance. The quiet exhaust note has led to complaints from consumers who expected a more aggressive and sporty sound from the vehicle.

Beyond the lack of exhaust note, there have also been reported mechanical issues and performance problems with the 2023 Nissan Z. Some drivers have expressed concerns about the car’s overall performance, with some stating that it does not meet their expectations for a sports car.

Because of that meant that we had to dive in, head first, to figure out if a few mods would truly wake up the 2023 Nissan Z like we all hope it would. After all, we waited…13-16 years for this car? Well, there’s no better spot to start than with an exhaust for a turbocharged platform?

Frequency Intelligent Exhaust | RZ34 Nissan Z

For Nissan Z enthusiasts looking to upgrade their ride, Fi Exhaust offers a high-performance exhaust system that delivers both style and functionality. With a focus on quality and Valvetronic tech (aka valves), Fi Exhaust designs and manufactures a range of exhaust components and systems, including headers, cat-back systems, and mufflers, specifically engineered for the RZ34 Nissan Z.

Their big thing? Valves, quality packaging, a great install experience, and a small level of customization through the tip offerings they have. What we have in front of us (which Fi sent on their own accord) is their valvetronic exhaust system. Before we get into this, I did state that I would be objective in my review of this. The last thing I want is to toss you a product that stinks. Once you’re done reading, you can be the judge of it all!

What Was Included:

  • Front Pipe
  • Mid Y-Pipe
  • Valvetronic Muffler
  • Catless Downpipe(s)
  • Dual Tips in Diamond Black
  • Fi PRO App Remote Controle Module (OBDII)
  •  Fi Exhaust Sticker Set
  • Fi Hanging Car Air Freshener Set
  • T-Shirt

Product Description

The Nissan Z RZ34 Cat Back Exhaust system by Fi Exhaust is a high-performance exhaust system designed specifically for the Nissan Z RZ34. It is crafted from T304 stainless steel, utilizes a valvetronic catback and ultra-high flow downpipe.

Key features of the exhaust system include the valvetronic system, which allows drivers to control the volume and tone of the exhaust note at their preference. This system also claims significant power potential, with gains in both horsepower and torque. We haven’t dyno’d it yet, but Fi-exhaust states a 5-10% increase when paired with the VR30DDTT Engine. 

Installation of the Cat Back Exhaust is “supposedly” straightforward and is designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory exhaust system. Seeing the car is new, let’s hope it stays that way.

Optional components such as carbon fiber tips and heat shields are available to further customize the exhaust system to fit individual preferences. We got the diamond black tips which I love because it’s simple, easy to pair other colors with, and not take away from the back-end.

AlexMartini with 2023 Nissan Z FI Exhaust Install

Fi-Exhaust JDM Style Dual Tip Options

JDM Style Dual Tips offers a variety of options to customize your exhaust system. The options include Titanium Blue, Diamond Black, Gold, and Carbon Fiber.

The Titanium Blue option features a sleek and modern look with a blue finish. The Diamond Black option has a bold and edgy appearance, perfect for a more aggressive style. The Gold option offers a more high-end look, ideal for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their vehicle. The Carbon Fiber option provides a sporty look, perfect for those that love carbon fiber.

AlexMartini with 2023 Nissan Z FI Exhaust Install

Installation Review

So let’s talk install. The Fi Exhaust packaging was perfect. Literally zero concerns. I love that their stuff comes with packing foam and not just a box with some air bags in there. The kit came out looking perfect with zero defects. A quick unbox and comparison immediately showed that what we were about to install was lighter then OEM which was also a nice touch.

But the stock exhaust was a bit*h. We were one bolt away from a quick install and it seized on us. A 2,000 mile car had a seized bolt. How?

After trying to do everything besides cut it for 4 hours, we cut it. Oh well. The hanger removal tool and having the car pretty high up in the air made this easy. Mocking up the exhaust took less than a hour; with the longest thing being the exhaust tips.

One other good thing i’ll say about Fi exhaust is that they utilize a slip on fabrication feature (I have no idea what i’m saying) but what it means is that when you connect the pieces they click in place with the clamps and can only be pushed in so far. This makes sure you don’t have uneven connection between the pieces, which for someone like me that can barely put cars back together, is nice.

Once we got the exhaust mocked up came the wiring of the valvetronic system, which from Fi is intended to connect to the battery. Don’t do that. It’s 2023, use a fuse jump or something that isn’t a direct connection to your battery. We ran ours to the fuse box next to the steering wheel, jumped it with a “Add-a-circuit” fuse TAP from Amazon for $10. We ran the wire through the trunk weather gasket, underneath the carpet, down underneath the plastic cover near the door jam, and into the fuse box. This wasn’t as hard as I thought, but keep your 370Z interior removal videos on deck because the 2023 Nissan Z is identical. 

Review of FI Exhaust | 2023 Nissan Z

Compared to the stock exhaust, the Fi aftermarket exhaust is leagues better. It’s lighter, sounds better, and looks better. To be fair though, the stock Nissan Z exhaust sounds like breathing from a toddler, so anything is an improvement. I did enjoy the install though. Fi exhaust came with instructions, easy to handle parts, and had quality hardware which made the install really simple. The valvetronic system is nice for the neighbors and when I do open it up it does sound noticeably better. I don’t hear any unwanted droning noises, the remote control is high quality, and i’m happy with the finish.

So should you buy one? I love mine. We haven’t done the downpipes yet (when we do i’ll update this), but just the cat-back exhaust is perfect for someone who wants a bit more tone from their Z without going into trombone territory.

AlexMartini with 2023 Nissan Z FI Exhaust Install

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