Are Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats Good? | Honest Review

Every racer knows that the seat is much more than a place to sit. In the high-stakes world of motorsport, comfort and safety are as crucial as speed and agility. Enter Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats, a name that’s been reverberating across the tracks, but how does it really measure up?

With a legacy intertwined with the thrill of racing, Racequip seats are designed keeping in mind the rigorous demands of racing professionals and enthusiasts alike. From the texture of the fabric to the resilience of materials, every aspect is honed for performance.

This honest review delves deep into the crux of Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats, taking a look at their features, safety aspects, and real-world performance. Are they a stylish addition to your racecar or do they truly enhance the driving experience? Let’s buckle up and find out.

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Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seat

About Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats

Designed to meet the stringent FIA 8855-1999 specifications, each FIA Composite seat is adorned with an official hologram which facilitates effortless tech approval before any race.

The design of these seats ensures superior support for thighs, hips, ribs, and shoulders, elevating driver containment and potentially shaving precious seconds off your lap times instead of sliding about. Flexible yet secure, they are built to integrate with most frontal head restraint systems, as well as 4, 5, and 6 point harness sets, making these seats a versatile choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Comfort is not sacrificed for safety. Memory foam carefully placed in the base and back areas of the seat is a testament to that, providing that essential cushioning for those long stints behind the wheel. Complemented by strategically positioned black mesh fabric, these seats promise enhanced breathability and a cool, focused drive during any autocross or professional racing event.

The RaceQuip FIA Composite Racing Seat comes in a variety of sizes. From Medium, Large, or 17″ X-Large sizes, you can find a width that works best for your you.

Key Features of Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats

Memory Foam for Enhanced Comfort

The integration of memory foam into the RaceQuip FIA Composite Racing Seat can’t be overstated. Beyond comfort, the memory foam serves a dual function; it enhances driver comfort and acts as an additional safety feature. Absorbing energy and molding to the driver’s body, the memory foam mitigates the fatigue that comes from high-speed racing. Placed precisely at the bottom and back of the seat, this critical cushioning ensures that drivers can focus on the track ahead without discomfort or distraction.

Black Mesh Fabric for Breathability

Optimal airflow is central to Racequip’s design, as evidenced by the black mesh fabric that promotes breathability. Found in designated locations on the seat, the mesh fabric is integral to regulating temperature for racers, especially during extended periods on the track where heat buildup is considerable. This not only optimizes comfort but also ensures the racer’s concentration remains uninterrupted by the discomfort of overheating. The black mesh fabric is not merely functional, as its strategic placement adds to the seat’s aesthetic appeal while withstanding the wear and tear of rigorous racing conditions.

Upright Position for Racing

The RaceQuip FIA Composite Racing Seat embraces versatility with optional brackets that augment mounting flexibility from an upright 0° position to a 30° layback posture, accommodating your personal preferences. Adaptability does not compromise support. The one-piece lightweight FRP composite shell is molded for an upright position that aligns with correct racing posture, enhancing control and driver feedback from the car. This design feature, coupled with the seat’s enhanced bolsters and memory foam cushioning, ensures that whether you are in an aggressive upright stance or a more laid-back position, comfort, and performance go hand in hand.

Smooth Covering for Easy Maintenance

Racing conditions are tough, not just on drivers but also on their equipment. Racequip addresses this with a smooth covering in critical areas of the seat that sees high wear. The material is selected for its durability and ease of maintenance, allowing for quick cleanups and preserving the seat’s appearance over time. In addition to practicality, the sleek black gelcoat finish of the seat contributes to the aesthetics of the race car’s interior, embodying a professional look that matches its performance characteristics.

Racing Design for a Stylish Look

Coupling functionality with style, the Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seat hosts an obvious racing design. With a one-piece lightweight FRP composite shell and a shiny black gelcoat finish, it captures a modern and sick aesthetic. The design includes specialized shoulder and rib bolsters, and extended thigh and hip support for increased driver containment, all of which enhance the seat’s appearance and the racer’s control. This professional racing design doesn’t just look good; it actively contributes to the racer’s confidence and safety.

Safety Features of Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats

Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats are built with safety in mind, which is proven by their adherence to the stringent FIA 8855-1999 safety standards. Affirming their certification, each seat boasts a hologram that testifies to its authenticity and compliance. Integral to these seats’ design are robust shoulder and rib bolsters that fortify support and safeguard the driver during the tumult of a race. Adding to the structural integrity is the one-piece lightweight FRP composite shell, a hallmark of Racequip’s commitment to offering a robust defense against the rigors of racing. Furthermore, the strategic placement of energy-absorbing foam adds a layer of protection, cushioning drivers from impact forces, while the seats’ compatibility with all head and neck restraint systems signifies a comprehensive approach to upper body safety, crucial for minimizing injury risks in professional racing scenarios.

Seat Belt Compatibility for Secure Fastening

Designed to be compatible with head and neck support devices, this seat incorporates no less than five seat belt guides, ensuring complete compatibility with 4, 5, or 6-point harness sets. The seat includes sturdy built-in 6mm side mount fasteners, offering a secure foundation for reliable seat belt attachment. In addition, optional RaceQuip brackets extend the customization, allowing drivers to adjust the seat’s positioning from an upright 0 degrees to a reclined 30 degrees—all while retaining stable and secure mounting. This undeviating attention to secure fastening, paired with the seat’s durable one-piece FRP composite shell, embodies RaceQuip’s dedication to driver safety and security.

High-Quality Seat Material for Durability

RaceQuip FIA Racing Seats are dressed in high-quality seat materials that embody endurance. The seats feature a black mesh fabric selected for its breathability, essential for maintaining comfort in high-temperature racing conditions. Areas prone to high wear are shielded by a smooth, resilient covering that elevates the seat’s lifespan and simplifies the cleaning process. The exposed sections of the seat’s shell are coated with a sleek black gelcoat, offering an alluring look that doubles as a practical, easy-to-maintain surface. This material combination is purposed to present a seat that not only lasts race after race but also caters to the maintenance demands of high-stakes motorsports.

Extended Shoulder Support for Added Safety

The seamless integration of extended shoulder support is a key safety feature of RaceQuip FIA Composite Racing Seats. Coupled with substantial rib bolsters, the seats offer reinforced protection for racers, precisely where it’s needed most. Constructed from a one-piece lightweight FRP composite shell, the shoulder support is rigid and resilient, ensuring that the seat can withstand the high G-forces encountered on the track. This support is complemented by the energy-absorbing foam that not only provides additional comfort but also reinforces the safety component, making for a reassuring experience for the driver. The sleek black gelcoat finish not only enhances the seat’s aesthetic but also promises durability for consistent shoulder support race after race.

Racequip Brackets and Harness Sets for Proper Installation

Racequip Brackets and Harness Sets for Proper Installation

When setting up your Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seat, paying attention to installation details is paramount for both comfort and safety. Here’s a quick guide on the brackets and harness sets essential for proper installation.

Seat Brackets:

Racequip offers optional brackets that are crucial for a secure mount. These brackets enable the seat to adjust from a 0° Upright position to a 30° Layback position, ensuring the right angle for your racing needs. Contact us at MartiniWorks if you need additional support in purchasing the right seat rails.

Harness Sets:

To harness the full potential of your Racequip seat, there are five integrated belt guides designed to accommodate 4, 5, or 6-point harness sets. This flexibility is tailored for a secure fit, vital for any professional racing scenario.

Installation Points:

  • Threaded Fasteners: Utilize the four side mount threaded fasteners built into the seat for the attachment.
  • Compatibility: Ensure all Head and Neck restraints are compatible to uphold safety standards.

Remember, while the brackets are not included with the standard delivery of the Racequip seat, obtaining the manufacturer-provided options will result in the optimal and safest fit for any racing event from autocross to track days.

Shipping and Delivery Options for Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats

Acquiring your Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats is made easy with a range of shipping and delivery options catered to suit your schedule and urgency, brought to you by MartiniWorks. Located in Wisconsin, we ensure that these FIA-certified seats are distributed efficiently and safely, providing you the competitive edge with minimal wait times.

Standard Delivery Options for Convenience

For those who plan their racing needs in advance, MartiniWorks standard delivery offers a practical solution. This service encompasses a 5-14 day production and delivery time frame for custom items, with the understanding that during peak season, from March to July, the waiting period may tend toward the upper end of this range. It’s a preferred choice for bespoke items like numbers, panels, and pre-spaced lettering, ensuring each piece meets tailor-made specifications.

Experience of Using Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats

Racing enthusiasts know that the choice of seat in their vehicle can be as crucial as the performance parts under the hood. The Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats strike a balance between safety and comfort, designed to satisfy even the most discerning drivers. Certified to the FIA 8855-1999 specifications, they show serious commitment to meeting international safety standards, while the affixed hologram stands as proof of compliance for pre-race tech inspections. Unlike standard seats, these racing seats deliver exceptional containment thanks to their anatomically optimized support for thighs, hips, ribs, and shoulders, minimizing driver fatigue and potentially enhancing lap times.

Conclusion: Are Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats Worth Considering?

In the world of professional racing, where safety and performance go hand-in-hand, the Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats set a standard worth considering. Certified to the rigorous FIA 8855-1999 specifications, these seats assure adherence to high safety benchmarks, a crucial consideration for the discerning racer.

Notably, the design underscores support and ergonomics, with enhanced containment for the thighs, hips, ribs, and shoulders. This could be pivotal in improving a driver’s performance during high-stress racing conditions. Moreover, these seats are designed to be compatible with various safety setups, such as Frontal Head Restraints and 4, 5, and 6 point harness systems, adding to their versatility.

Comfort is not sacrificed for safety, as the energy-absorbing memory foam in the seat bottom and back demonstrates. This feature, combined with the strategically placed black mesh fabric for better breathability, ensures a more comfortable and focused driving experience.

Overall, the Racequip FIA Composite Racing Seats offer a harmonious blend of safety, support, and comfort, making them a contender for drivers who value a comprehensive racing solution.



FIA 8855-1999 Certification

Meets high safety standards

Enhanced Support

Increased thigh, hip, rib, and shoulder support

Versatile Safety Setup Compatibility

Accommodates various head restraints and point harness systems

Memory Foam and Breathable Mesh Fabric

Offers comfort and breathability for prolonged racing sessions

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