How I designed and built up my center console

I wanted to delete my center console but did not want to hack on my harness to install 3 way switches. I know there are ready made products out the but buying does not build experience. I booted up my CAD software and started working.

Cad revisions so far
I started off with a plan. Create a console with an easily sourced or made boot. I wanted window switches and started a design using a PS2 thumbstick for a mouse controller that eventually got nixxed.
Jump ahead a month or two and I finally found a design Im cool with. I created a boot frame and started to make my first boot. Those Homec classes in 6th grade finally came in handy 18 years later.
Wrapped my window switch and dropped it in place. Plan was to sculpt a good transition from the sides up to the switch body. Grabbed a gallon of fiber filled bondo and went to town.
Yeah… sanding… and more sanding… you know how it is. Cat says ”Hi!”
Threw it all together to make it to my local Cars and Coffee. Doesnt have to be perfect. Next step is to 3d scan the switch pocket and begin revision 7!

The base form is made of PLA and will melt in direct sunlight. After I finalize the design I will be making it into a plug, then a mold, then make it entirely out of carbon. Only 3 or 4 layers will be necessary since its not load bearing. Just enough to not feel cheap but not so thin that there are pinholes. Whether I wrap it to make it blend with the dash can be figured out later.

Tyler Caine

A bit ambitious. Business goals. Hoping to start being a content creator on the side without actually uploading anything apparently.