What is The Difference Between TEIN Coilovers

TEIN suspension has been making aftermarket suspension solutions for cars since the 1990’s. If you have ever browsed around for some new coilovers or lowering springs for your Japanese built car, you have probably come across them at some point. Being one of the more budget friendly options that are still backed with a quality product, TEIN is a popular choice for many enthusiasts. However, we often get asked many questions about them simply because the difference in their series of coilovers can get a little bit confusing. So let’s break it down!

TEIN Street Basis Z  Coilovers

Starting off with the entry to the TEIN line of coilovers which is their very popular Street Basis Z coilover. Typically we would recommend staying away from a set of coilovers that come in under $500, but the Street Basis Z is a bit of a different story. Instead of cutting corners in quality and engineering to keep cost down, TEIN set out to create a cheaper entry level coilover that utilizes OEM mounting hardware from your stock suspension. Fewer parts means a lower cost for you. And while you do manage to get the benefits of a coilover system and the ability to adjust your ride height, that is about it when it comes to the Street Basis Z system. 

Pros of the TEIN Street Basis Z

  • Affordable
  • Height Adjustment
  • Twin Tube Design

Cons of the TEIN Street Basis Z

  • Requires the use of OEM mounts
  • No Damping adjustment

TEIN Street Advance Z Coilovers

The next step up from the Street Basis Z is the Street Advance Z. Essentially taking everything from the Street Basis Z and giving you the ability to adjust damping. This also means that the Street Advance Z coilover system is able to be used with TEIN’s EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) so you can adjust your damping on the go from a controller. 

Pros of the TEIN Street Advance Z

  • Damping Adjustment
  • EDFC Compatible 
  • Twin Tube Design

Cons of the TEIN Street Advance Z

  • Requires the use of OEM mounts

TEIN FLEX Z Coilovers

Moving into the first “Complete” coilover system in TEIN’s lineup we get to the TEIN Flex Z coilover. The Flex Z is ready to install without the need to use OEM mounts, meaning that if your car’s suspension allows for camber adjustment from a camber plate, you will find adjustable camber plates on your Flex Z coilovers. If not you will receive a reinforced rubber upper mount. Utilizing the twin tube design, filled with high-spec damper oil, and finished with TEIN’s very own ZT coating to help protect against rust and corrosion, the Flex Z is a fantastic bang for your buck when it comes to a complete coilover system

Pros of the TEIN Flex Z

  • Complete coilover system ready to install
  • Front camber plates included (when applicable)
  • Damping adjustment

Cons of the TEIN Flex Z

  • Standard spring rates

TEIN FLEX A Coilovers

Which finally brings us to the last set of TEIN coilovers we are going to talk about today which is the TEIN Flex A. This is usually where we get the most questions. What is the difference between the Flex Z and Flex A coilovers? The answer is actually pretty simple. The Flex A series of coilovers takes everything from the Flex Z and introduces a hydraulic bump stop.This additional feature has been used countless times when it comes ot TEIN’s extensive experience in the world of the World Rally Championship and the European Rally Championship. A traditional bump stop can jolt the car around when driving at lower ride heights and going over larger bumps and dips. The HBS included in the Flex A coilovers efficiently generates damping force during full bump situations providing a smoother response to those impacts. 

Pros of the TEIN Flex A

  • Complete coilover system ready to install
  • HBS (Hydraulic Bump Stop)
  • Front camber plates included (when applicable)
  • Damping adjustment

Cons of the TEIN Flex A

  • More expensive

Which Coilover is right for me? 

TEIN’s design and engineering team have spent thousands of hours building and perfecting their coilover systems and have provided multiple solutions for many different needs when it comes to an aftermarket suspension solution. Whether you just want to lower your daily budget, are a weekend track warrior, or are trying to dabble in some rally cross, there is a TEIN option ready to go for you. Take a look at this diagram from TEIN that lays out all of their lines of coilovers to help you decide which is right for you. And when you’re ready to finally get that new set of coilovers, remember to mod your car with TEIN at martiniworks.com

Alexander Gelina

Alex Gelina "Also Known as Gels"