Work Emotion T7R Wheel Review | Worth The Price?

Nothing quite captures attention like the sleek sheen of a well-designed wheel on a car. The Work Emotion T7R is not just a wheel; it’s a statement on asphalt, a blend of functionality and sharp aesthetics. And since it’s from Work Wheels, you just know it’s a design that’ll look good on about anything.
But the price costs as much as a car, and with it being a 1-piece design versus its more popular 3-piece counterparts, is the Work Emotion T7R wheel really worth it? Let’s dive into this review and find out.

Background of Work Emotion T7R Wheels

With a proud heritage from the spirited streets of Japan, Work Wheels has etched its name in the automotive world as synonymous with style, strength, and cutting-edge quality that looks good on any platform. In the case for the video above; a S550 Mustang. Among the wheels Work offers, the Emotion T7R wheels stand out as one of our favorites. Simple, sleek, and with just enough of a design element to stand out at the local car show or track day.

The Work Emotion T7R comes in a variety of colors, including:
Matte Bronze (AHG)
Matte Gunmetal (MGM)
White (WHT)
GT Silver (GTS)

Available in sizes from 15-19″ and bolt patterns from 4×114.3 (17/18″ diameter) through the standard bolt patterns like 5×100, 5×114.3, and 5×120.
Work Emotion T7R’s utilize Work Flowforming Technology which is a manufacturing process which gives the wheel a rotary forged barrel with a pressure-casted face. This technology is exclusive to Work Wheels and is considered one of the benchmarks of flow forming technology in one piece wheels. Furthermore, the T7R wheels feature a JWL and VIA certification, guaranteeing their compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards.

The ones featured in the video above are the Matte Gunmetal finish and they are spicy. 

The History of Work Wheels

In case you wanted to know, Work Wheels is a Japanese wheel manufacturing company known for producing high-quality custom wheels. Founded by Takeshi Tanaka way back in the 70’s, the company focuses on innovative technology and precision craftsmanship to create tailor-made wheels for each customer. With a strong emphasis on safety and performance, Work Wheels has gained a loyal following of enthusiasts worldwide.

A Design Look At the Work Emotion T7R

While initially a simple 7 spoke design, the video above and photos below will show you a bit more…love. Each spoke bows outward producing a slight convex design in the spoke before diving back into the center hub where a simple circle cut design is present.
The center hub features a small additional cut in for each lug hole, allowing thin walled sockets to seat inside without issue or potential scratching of the paint. Look further out again and you’ll see that between each spoke on the outer lip is a ball-milled recession; another design element to give depth and shave a small amount of weight.

Throughout the wheel you’ll notice iconic Work staples such as the “Made in Japan” embossed in the inner lip, along with “Work,” and “Work Emotion” logos. While center caps are not included in the wheel (sorry, all Japanese wheel companies are like this), you will find additional wheel specification branding on the back side of the wheel inside the barrel.
PS If you do need center caps, MartiniWorks does carry them 🙂

A Summary of Work Emotion T7R Wheel

So are they worth it? In our opinion, the Work Emotion T7R Wheel is a fantastic wheel for those that have a big body sedan, coupe, or longer wheelbase vehicle. Platforms like the Subaru WRX/STI, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, or even Lexus/Toyota would love this wheel on their car. While the thinner spokes do look best with a colored brake setup, the wheel still shines by itself without the need of it being exclusive to performance cars.

So if you’re looking to pick up a set, find your next set of Work T7R’s here -> https://martiniworks.com/products/wheels-tires/wheels/work-emotion-t7r-19×9-5-25-5×114-3-gt-silver/
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