1991 BMW 318is k24 turbo

Post By: Rj DeLellis

Date: 04/16/2024

The Story

This car started out as a wannabe LS swap for an E36, but when my friend told me about a $600 E30 plans started to change. Figured out it would be a more fun swap to fit a K24 in the car with a turbo and allow us to actually have enough room in the bay to work on stuff. Had some trouble with the first company I worked with for the swap, but KPowered Industries has honestly been a life saver with this entire build. Car runs a JDM K24A with a good ol rev9 66-62 turbo, apparently running about 20 PSI of boost with a flex fuel system but mostly runs on straight e85 but a walbro 450 pump and Bosch 2200cc injectors. It is sitting on a set of BC racing coilovers with a welded medium case differential in the back. This car was supposed to be a fun daily driver. I was supposed to make a modest 300 to 350 horsepower but slowly spiraled into what it is now. I still drive this car all the time and has made many trips from North Carolina to Maryland for Honda day and is honestly one of my favorite cars I've ever driven.

Current Setup

  • Performance: JDM k24
  • Performance: Rev9 66-62 Turbo
  • Performance: Custom 3in downpipe & intercooler setup
  • Performance: Upgraded fuel system
  • Suspension: Bc Racing Coilovers