Post By: T Chanthavong

Date: 04/23/2024

The Story

Akuma, My most favorite street fighter character and there was a car that fitted the description. I always wanted to get an R34 GTR but with today's prices is unfortunately, unaffordable but, this caught my eye when I was looking to replace my 1IS300, Due to some unforeseen events. I had to get rid of the old project and found this ER34 25GT in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Kijiji Auto. My buddy Keethan and I, took the risk and flew out there and everything checked out okay. From Saskatoon to Toronto in 37 hours straight non stop, we brought it home. This build is to be the ultimate Track/ Street/ Daily show car I could try to build. It's only been 1 year and still so much more to do!

Current Setup

  • Wheels:


T Chanthavong