2004 Mazdaspeed Mx5 “Power”

Post By: Tyler Caine

Date: 03/18/2024

The Story

Hopefully the start of my adventure into building a business. My first Mx5 that I bought in 2017 and have only had on the road for collectively a year. Why you ask? Full engine rebuild, head studs, and one thing leading to another that resulted in a Kraken kit with a Garret GT2860RS. Now she sits on a set of BC BR coils and incoming 3 piece SSR SP4R wheels. My ambition is leading me to cut up this pristine Michigan body with exquisite bacon rockers and arches. My plan is to create not only a fully custom sculpted hardtop coupe but add that iconic early 2000s lift back style that began with the Rx7 FD. Body will be 90% composite with full pillar structures and hoop, rain rails, functional hatch, and all signs of the parcel shelf removed. I had this idea for many years but then seeing creator like Tofu Auto Works jump in head first gave me the inspiration to just go for it. I plan on making an alternative of my body that does not require as much gutting and releasing it as a kit. This is to help keep the very rare Miata coupes from being cut up! I call her Power. Named after the same character from Chainsaw Man. Sprinkled on little itasha elements for that garnish of cringe.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Konig Dial In
  • Suspension: BC Racing BR Coilovers
  • Performance: Full 3" exhaust, Kraken Manifold, Garret GT2860RS (currently road tuned at 250 seat horsepowers)
  • Interior: Megasquirt AMP Pro, digital widescreen dash
  • Interior: Custom short console
  • Interior: Pioneer Carrozerria FH-P099MD from Croooober with working Minidiscs

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: SSR Tanabe SP4R
  • Exterior: Fully custom built hardtop with supporting structure and bodylines


Tyler Caine

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