2009 BMW 328i

Post By: Conroy Davis

Date: 02/26/2024

The Story

In my quest for a daily driver, I initially had my eyes set on a 335i. However, a game-changer came in the form of a video singing praises for the 328i as the ultimate daily companion. Lo and behold, I spotted a gem on Facebook Marketplace for a mere $1000, albeit from a tow company with uncertainties about the engine's condition. Taking a gamble, I brought it home, and the only hurdle was programming a key. Once home, armed with the VIN number and after some thorough background checks, it turned out the car had been exclusively serviced by the dealership, leaving me with a solid vehicle. No issues, just a smooth ride. Spent so much time in it that I decided to not just enjoy the drive but also amp up the comfort and give it a modern, sleek look.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: AODHAN DS08 FRONT: 18X8.5 +35 REAR: 18X9.5 +35
  • Tires: | ARROYO GRAND SPORT A/S FRONT: 225/40 REAR: 255/35
  • Performance: AFE intake stage 2 , AFE headers, stage 3 intake manifold ,custom exhaust ,N54 oil coooler, stage 2 custom tune
  • Wheels:


Conroy Davis

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