2013 Evo X GSR Time Attack

Post By: Tyler

Date: 02/27/2024

The Story

Bought the car new. Had a motor fail and started me into a build. Built motor and big turbo made it a fun, fast street car. Got into time attack and started transitioning the car to be more track focused. Added a 6 point cage and chassis mounted wing. The car has been a constant build striving for lower lap times since then. It's currently receiving more aero improvements to bring it more inline with overall look I am after. Over a decade on the build continues.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: Fortune auto 510
  • Interior: Tanida X NDF steering wheel
  • Interior: Sparco circuit seat
  • Exterior: Voltex Lip
  • Exterior: APR GT250 71"
  • Wheels: Te37SL 18x11 +13
  • Wheels: Gramlight 57 Trancsend 18x11 +25
  • Performance: ETS turbo kit PTE 6262bb
  • Tires: Re71r 285/30/18
  • Wheels: RPF1 RS 18x11 -15 / 18x10.5 0
  • Wheels: Advan TC-3 18 10.5 +22



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