2018 Bagged Subaru Impreza Sport

Post By: Austin Schneider

Date: 03/04/2024

The Story

It all started with a single trip to Subiefest Midwest in 2018. I had been watching rally sports for many years prior. After attending my first Subaru only show I became hooked on the culture and fans surrounding the brand of Subaru. I slowly found myself straying away from the rally culture and found myself more involved in the show scene. I started several groups starting off with my Subaru only group NKYSC and then it transitioned into joining other smaller groups in my local area. Following those few years I joined NoFear Social Club. NoFear Social Club is a up and coming car group/ clothing brand. We pride ourself on escaping fear and becoming the best version of yourself! From there I started to put my head down and build my car to the best possible version it can be. Sourcing parts and finding other models parts that fit and work is nearly impossible to accomplish what other brands have readily available which I love. The challenge is something that makes building this car more fun, especially when people respect and love the build knowing what it takes. My current goal is to build a following around this car and gain more aftermarket support which I have done with several products including seat brackets for aftermarket seats as well as working with Axis to get limited carbon parts for this car. It’s been a fun ride so far and can’t wait to see what 2024 and beyond has! Thanks for listing to my story!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: GMR GRAILS F- 8.5x18 +19 R- 8.5x18 +6
  • Wheels: GMR Grails Similar specs
  • Tires: Nitto Neogen 225/40R18
  • Suspension: Yellowspeed Racing 17+ Impreza Air Struts on Airlift Performance Management
  • Exterior: Luminous Tint Sterling Silver
  • Exterior: Forged Carbon Fiber mirror caps
  • Exterior: Carbons fiber side skirts Carbon Creations
  • Exterior: Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber OEM Style rear spoiler.
  • Interior: Braum ELITE-X Series Sport Reclinable Red and black diamond stitch. Planted 2022+ WRX Brackets
  • Interior: Axis Parts 1/25 Carbon Fiber Center Dash Cover
  • Wheels:


Austin Schneider

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