2020 Toyota Supra

Post By: MinMax

Date: 03/01/2024

The Story

This is my 2020 Supra! It's a 3.0 Premium, and I bought it used from a Toyota dealership in Madison in October, 2022. It was originally Nocturnal Black, and the only modification to it was a carbon fiber duck bill spoiler. The fitment on that spoiler was pretty trash, so I opted to replace it with a (rep) Street Hunter-style wing, and also wrapped the car orange only a few weeks after owning it 😅 I absolutely fell in love with the MKV Supras when I first saw one in person (I think it was actually Dakota's) - the look of the car being one of my favorite things, because I love the fastback styling and the wide hips. There isn't a bad angle on this car! The styling of it actually reminded me a bit of my childhood dream car, which was the Dodge Viper, and since I probably won't be able to afford one of those, this is the next best thing. I specifically got a 2020 because I sought to tune it, not minding the automatic transmission because the manual hadn't fully rolled out yet at the time, and I'll always have a manual second car. After a few months of ownership, I installed Eibach lowering springs and a VRSF downpipe, and got it tuned (bench-unlocked with the Mission Tuning device, E50 flash-tuned with bootmod3). I haven't gotten it dyno'd but in theory, it makes roughly 500 HP. And that makes a huuuge difference! At the end of 2023, I decided to pull the orange wrap off and put a new color on it; mainly because I got a lot better at vinyl wrapping since the first time, but also because it felt like a good time to do something new. Around the same time, since the car was sitting in the garage over the winter anyways, I installed air suspension and ordered some new wheels from Martini Works! It's finally together and I'm excited to show it off, and although I still have some plans for it, I'm super happy with how it looks and drives so far!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Kansei KNP (19x9.5 +35 front, 19x10.5 +35 rear) in Hyper Silver with machined lip
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sports in front (255/35/19), Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in rear (275/35/19).
  • Suspension: Bag Riders Super Low struts and bags with an Airlift 3P management system
  • Performance: VRSF Downpipe
  • Performance: MST v2 Intake
  • Exterior: KPMF Gloss Indulgent Blue vinyl wrap (self-installed)
  • Exterior: ExtremeOnlineStore wing
  • Exterior: Maxton aero kit (front splitter, side skirts, rear side-spats)
  • Interior: Triple Seven magnetic paddle shifters