2021 Subaru WRX

Post By: Makayla Grall

Date: 03/26/2024

The Story

I started out with a 2015 WRX that I had since 2020. I built that to how I wanted it and was ready to take it to slammedenuff Gatlinburg. 2 weeks before leaving for the trip my clutch went out. We rushed to replace that in our friends shop. Got it replaced and broken in. Bought new tires and suspension to get my fitment dialed in for Gatlinburg and the Monday before we left for Gatlinburg my 2015 started knocking (typical Subaru). We chased the knock and tried for days to troubleshoot and save it to make it so I could take it to Gatlinburg (I didn’t want to believe it was knocking). Nothing we did to save it worked. So I bought my 2021 two days before leaving for Gatlinburg. When I got home from the trip I striped my 2015 and sold it because I couldn’t afford a rebuild on the only car I had. Forcing me to start fresh on my 2021. Over winter I’ve been grinding to get it ready and pick up where I left off on my 2015. In December I tuned it. In February, I took off work to wrap it myself in the garage. In March, my boyfriend and I installed the bags and put my wheels on. Over winter I gathered and bought parts that would work with the facelift bumper and organized the parts I could move over from the 2015. Right now it sits where I want it fitment wise but I have a handful of parts ( carbon lip, carbon grill, radiator brace, fog light bezels, aero, engine bay dress up, and small interior parts) that still need to be installed before the show season starts but I’ve been working so hard to pick up where I left off on this new WRX so I can come out stronger after fighting so hard to keep my first modifiable car on the road ( it didn’t work)

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Enkei Tm7
  • Tires: Vercelli Strada 2
  • Suspension: Airlift Preformance
  • Exterior: Aura Vinyl in Hyper gloss iridescent Tiffany blue
  • Exterior: Noble carbon fiber font lip and grille
  • Exterior: Aeroflow dynamics v7 side skirts and diffuser
  • Exterior: Noble radiator brace
  • Exterior: Olm fog light bezels and rear window spoiler
  • Exterior: Spyder sequential switchback headlights
  • Exterior: Spec d tuning sequential tail lights
  • Interior: Perrin engine bay dress up (fender shrouds, engine and pulley cover, radiator shroud) & Billetworkz engine caps
  • Exterior: Blox axle back exhaust


Makayla Grall