2022 Subaru Wrx

Post By: David Kita

Date: 03/26/2024

The Story

Went from e36 to WRX. E36 electrical went to s**t than I got hit while parked so moved on to the new car, and i think WRX has been the most fun I've ever had modding a car. Obvi civics in the past...

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Gram lights 57 CR 18x9.5 +38
  • Tires: Potenza 71s 18/265/35
  • Suspension: Racecompengineering superstreets 2
  • Suspension: SMY sway bars
  • Suspension: Cobb endlink
  • Suspension: Perrin front strut bar
  • Suspension: Cusco rear strut bar
  • Performance: Ets front intercooler
  • Performance: Ets cold air intake
  • Performance: Cobb AP
  • Performance: Perrin oil cooler
  • Performance: Tomei dual exhaust
  • Performance: IAG AOS
  • Exterior: Color matched fanders
  • Exterior: AFD front lip with side skirt
  • Exterior: Verus diffuser
  • Exterior: Noble hood scoop
  • Exterior: Noble front grill
  • Exterior: Noble spoiler
  • Wheels: 20mm spacers for stock wheels on 255\'s
  • Performance: DBA 4000 T3 rotors
  • Performance: Yellow stuff pads
  • Performance: Ss brake lines AMS
  • Wheels:


David Kita

Love autox and track runs. Modding is a hobby.