The Nasty OBS

Post By: Colby Brock

Date: 04/02/2024

The Story

My 1996 F-250 started with just being reliable transportation as I was ending college and would need a truck within the Agriculture Industry I work in. After graduation modifications started. I started with off-road wheels and tires but soon realized an old 3/4 ton diesel is not optimal for off-road adventures. At this time i was attending local drag racing events, watching cummins and duramax powered trucks put down amazing times. I noticed a true lack of Ford representation at these events. I soon shifted my f-250 to strictly track and street use only. I have gone through many different phases of this truck often redoing modifications as I gained more knowledge or more finances. Currently the truck is sitting at 600 wheel horse power on the dyno and can run mid 12s on the quarter mile and 7s in the 1/8th mile. I want to keep increasing power on this truck while maintaining drivability and fun. My end goal is four digit horse power numbers and to maintain the use ability. To achieve this goal an extensive engine swap my be in the future but only time will tell…

Current Setup

  • Wheels: 24x12 -44 KG1 benders
  • Tires: 315/35r24 versatyre street tires
  • Suspension: 1” lower in front do to softer riding springs. 3” lower in rear from blocks removed and drop shackles
  • Performance: 250/100 injectors from Unlimited Diesel Performance
  • Performance: T51R mod s369 turbo on custom t4 mounting kit with custom intercooler setup
  • Performance: 1000hp full billet interanals 4r100 transmission
  • Performance: full valve train build from Powerstroke Products including cam, springs, and pushrods
  • Performance: full fuel system from 444Fab
  • Suspension: custom adjustable shackle traction bars help negate axle hop but still allow for preload for launches
  • Exterior: 2011 f250 front bumper for modern look and increased airflow
  • Exterior: custom lighting full LED plus Rock lights
  • Exterior: custom polished tailgate panel
  • Interior: basic sound system all alpine speakers two 10s and a 9 inch alpine halo deck
  • Wheels: