Subaru WRX Koi Edition

Post By: Jan Samson

Date: 04/23/2024

The Story

Fun Fact: In Japan there is a urban legend about koi fish's. They're born in a pond and if they climb all the way up the mountain the Gods reward them by turning them into a dragon. So when you see people who have Koi Fish tattoo this is what it means. If the Koi us going up a person's body it means they're trying to over come a obstacle in their life. If a koi fish is going down, it means they have overcome their obstacle. For me I overcame that battle. Growing up I watch a ton of Fast and Furious movies just like any kid born in the 90s. My favorite movie of the franchise is Tokyo Drift and one of my favorite all time cars was DK's 370z. Surprisingly I didn't get a 370z and because I wanted to have kids in the future I wanted to buy a car I could use no matter the situation so I ended up buying a WRX. Originally I wanted to buy a STi, but I have a big issue of buying used, I always like to buy new. After months of debating of whether or not i should buy a used STi or buy a new WRX, I saw DK's 370z and I saw the STi Logo, that's when I realize, Koi is a 3 letter word, and STi is a 3 letter word. I could customize my own car and build up and make it a one of a kind WRX. A KOI edition. I spent the last 2 yrs turning this car into a dream. So far the car looks amazing and me personally is in a good place, but my plans aren't done. I plan to have this engine be a dragon on the inside. Sure I have a couple of mods and a small E-tune right now but once I feel satisfied with the look of the car, I'll start making engine mods. I plan to have this car be a neck breaker but also a car that can put in some power.

Current Setup

  • Exterior: Gold Subaru Emblems
  • Exterior: Subispeed Trunk Lip Spolier Delete
  • Exterior: Rain Guards
  • Interior: Goovee Interior Car Lights
  • Interior: Billetworkz Climate Control covers
  • Exterior: Bayson r V-Style Front Lip
  • Exterior: Tomei Expreme Ti Cat-Back Exhaust
  • Interior: Koi Fish Shift knob
  • Exterior: Subispeed Gold trim decals
  • Exterior: Koi Fish Livery
  • Wheels: APR Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing
  • Exterior: Custom Koi Badges
  • Exterior: Subaru Dark Metallic Grey STI Wing
  • Exterior: Molded Innovations EVO+ Style Sequential LED Tail Lights + SubiSpeed F1 Brake Light
  • Performance: Cobb Turbo Inlet
  • Performance: Tuned by ambottuned
  • Exterior: Subispeed Redline V2 Headlights
  • Performance: Cobb Redline Carbon Fiber Intake
  • Performance: Cobb Charge Pipe Kit
  • Performance: Top Mount Intercooler Black
  • Performance: 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid
  • Suspension: Fortune Auto 500 Series
  • Wheels: Option Labs R716
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 245/40Zr18


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