Volvo S60 R-Design

Post By: Hayden Stewart

Date: 02/26/2024

The Story

Needed a fun daily I could drive from San Diego to LA in. Almost bought another Mercedes, but then saw this 2013 S60 R-Design with low mileage. Test drove it solo 😈, immediately fell in love. Polestar tuned I6 Turbo, AWD, 325hp 355tq… It competes with things like the Audi S4, but I’m building it to target the RS4. It is my daily, so it’s a slower process, but the end goal is ~420hp/450tq … which can be had with stock internals and turbo, few bolt-ons, and a mild tune.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Custom cat-back running Magnaflows
  • Exterior: Carbon fiber front aero lip
  • Exterior: Donut Media, Throtl, and Hoonigan stickers… 69hp boost
  • Wheels:


Hayden Stewart

A self destructive car enthusiast with a history of daily driving problematic (interesting) cars. Current fleet: 13 Volvo S60 R-Design 99 Acura SLX 74 Alfa Romeo GTV (in storage) Past fleet: 00 Honda Accord V6 87 BMW 635CSI 89 Toyota MR2 02 Land Rover Disco II 94 Mercedes S500 Coupe