The “Total Confidence Plan” From Continental Tire Might be the BEST Tire Warranty EVER

The MartiniWorks crew has been through quite a few builds throughout the years. With that comes many sets of aftermarket wheels and tires. And while the cars themselves may have taken different routes, one thing has always stayed consistent. That of course has been Continental Tires. We have enjoyed our time working with Continental Tire throughout the years simply because we know they genuinely care about their product and take pride in everything they do. On top of all of that they have always been there to answer any questions we have about their tires and have taken the time to educate us on everything that goes into them.

Not Your Average Tire Warranty: The Total Confidence Plan from Continental Tires

You’ve put a lot of money and effort into your build. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right tires for your vehicle, the decision goes beyond picking something that is round and has tread. Choosing the right tire is crucial for not only the performance of your vehicle, but to help in keeping your investment safe. This is exactly why Continental Tire has created the Total Confidence Plan.

What is the Total Confidence Plan?

The Total Confidence Plan is Continental Tire’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and coverage when it comes to purchasing a new set of tires. What does that mean exactly? Well let’s talk about it:

  • Limited Warranty: The Total Confidence Plan starts with a Limited Warranty that covers everything from defects and materials for up to 72 months from the date of purchase. Meaning if there is an issue with a tire that stems from manufacturing, Continental will replace or repair it hassle-free.
  • Flat Tire Roadside Assistance: Flat tires happen and no one likes to deal with a flat tire. The Total Confidence Plan includes 3 years of complimentary roadside assistance for flat tires. Whether you’re in the city or cruising some back country roads and canyons, help is just a phone call away ensuring you’ll never be left stranded.
  • Road Hazard Coverage: Today’s roads are littered with obstacles and hazards, from potholes to debris. Continental’s plan covers the repair or replacement of tires damaged by these everyday road hazards for up to 12 months.
  • Mileage Warranty: Unfortunately, tires aren’t forever, and they wear out over time. The good news is that with Continental, you know you’re getting tires that are built to last. The Total Confidence Plan includes a mileage warranty up to 80,000 miles that varies by tire type, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Trial: Buyers remorse? Not what you thought it was going to be? Don’t worry it happens, even if they are technically “perfect” they might just not be for you. Continental understands that this happens and offers a 60-day customer satisfaction trial. If you’re not completely happy with your new tires, you can return them within 60 days for a refund or exchange, no questions asked. 
  • Emergency Trip Interruption Coverage: There is nothing worse than having something happen when you are hours away from home. If a tire-related issue causes a breakdown more than 150 miles from your home, Continental provides coverage for expenses such as lodging, food, and transportation up to $200. This ensures that an unexpected tire issue doesn’t ruin your entire trip. 

What are you waiting for? 

Continental Tires has been a trusted name in the tire industry for over 150 years and is known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Which is also why you will find Continental Tires on almost every employee owned vehicle at MartiniWorks. The Total Confidence Plan by Continental Tires is more than just a warranty; it’s a plan that has been designed to keep you safe, secure, and satisfied on the road when it comes to your tires. Whether you’re cruising with friends or taking your daily commute to work, you know that Continental has your back every mile of the way. 


Alexander Gelina

Alex Gelina "Also Known as Gels"