Tomei Full Titanium Muffler Kit Expreme Honest Review

Hey there folks, let’s talk about Tomei

Tomei, a brand that has Subaru enthusiasts drooling and JDM fanatics throwing hands with Mustang owners. Known for their exhaust systems, engine components, and intakes, we wanted to take a look at not the Japanese Tomei products; but the American-turned-Chinese manufacturing Tomei products an honest review. Don’t be fooled, this is a review that we think you’ll actually want to read. 

Overview of the Tomei Expreme Titanium Full Muffler Kit

In 2019, Tomei Japan released a post that said “Thank you very much for your continued support. As we have already announced, the original products of Tomei Powered USA Inc. starting with “T” in their part numbers are not designed, supervised, tested, manufactured, or quality checked by us Tomei Powered Inc.”
This post would go on to say that anything from March 2019 to now is not Tomei Japan, and that Tomei Japan takes no responsibility for damage or loss or poor manufacturing.


The $1,290 exhaust with the part #TB6090-SB06A is exactly what we’re looking at today. An American subsidiary which has their system made in China. Don’t be fooled, it’s considered common knowledge that Tomei Japan also sources their exhaust systems from China as well.

So are they worth it?

Introduction to the Tomei Expreme Titanium Full Muffler Kit System

Exclusively fashioned for the Subaru TI WRX FA24DIT Type-R 2022 and onward models, the Tomei Full Titanium Muffler Kit Expreme is a pretty wicked system. It’s lightweight, it’s got a HUGE can on the end, and in our opinion the fitment is pretty darn good.

Packaging of the exhaust was standard, but packaged well. We didn’t experience any issues in the unbox and all the materials and gaskets felt “Standard.” nothing too crazy, which is good when you’re unboxing something for the first time.

Technical Specifications of the Tomei Expreme Titanium Full Muffler Kit

The single exit exhaust has a 80.5mm (3.2″) main pipe with a 115mm (4.5″) exhaust tip. So what’s the weight savings of the Tomei Expreme titanium subaru exhaust? You lose 30.2lbs from your OEM system which is insane.

The Tomei Full Titanium Muffler Kit showcases a silencer case made of high-grade titanium, featuring a pipe diameter of 152mm and an ultra-thin wall thickness of 1mm. This oversize design ensures optimal exhaust flow and power gains. The use of punched mesh with a 32.6% open slot ratio enhances the flow, contributing to that desired racing exhaust note. Long fiber glass wool, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressure, extends the longevity of the silencer’s internal packing.

Part #: TB6090-SB06A
MSRP: ~$1,290
For Engine: Subaru FA24DIT
Model Fitment: Subaru WRX 2022+
Exhaust Decibel Reading W/ Sound Reducer: 89db
Without Sound Reducer: 99db

Our Honest Review

The titanium gradation blue colours are cool. The pipe size is huge. The concern about it not being a quality product because it’s US vs. Japanese, we don’t see. Everything we could see and review checked all the boxes for an affordable exhaust for a Subaru owner.
We noticed that the titanium resonator helped dial back the bark of this exhaust,
The flow design of the exhaust checks the boxes and the gaskets/accessories were all quality components. We didn’t notice any issues with the manufacturing process (e.g. bad welds or cuts), and at an affordable price we think this is a 10/10. The single exit exhaust is loud, and you need to be okay with that.

Have questions?
Shoot us a message through the chat bubble below or take a look at the exhaust here! We give this exhaust a 9/10 on the ol’ “expectation vs. reality” scale.

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