1998 Nissan Stagea

Post By: Ben Green

Date: 07/02/2024

The Story

I wanted a 4 door skyline but I also love wagons, it's the perfect compromise. I bought this car with the intention to sell my 4wd and daily it, do pretty much no mods. Change of plans and now I have decided to keep both. I haven't owned it for long so not much has been done yet, the plan is to convert it to manual (don't know if i want to keep AWD or go RWD yet) and have a fun car for the mountains. Get rid of the replica wheels that it came on and have more of a track style fitment.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: BC RACING Coilovers
  • Wheels: Replica BBS LM
  • Suspension: All Hardrace Adjustable Arms